Complete List Of New Restrictions In Delhi



Complete List Of New Restrictions In Delhi

Yellow Alert:: Delhi government has issued new guidelines on the Level 1 threat


  • Cases continue to rise in Delhi amid the Omicron strain threat
  • The Delhi government has released “Level 1” or “Yellow Alert” guidelines
  • Night curfew remains in force in the national capital

New Delhi:

The Delhi government has released a new order on stricter COVID-19 safety guidelines as cases continue to rise in the national capital amid the Omicron strain threat. The “Level 1” or “Yellow Alert” guidelines say cinema halls will be open on odd-even dates and gyms will be closed, while night curfew remains in force.

Below is a copy of the detailed order on what’s open, what’s not:

Delhi COVID-19 Order of Alert by NDTV

“We have stayed above 0.5 per cent positivity rate for more than two days. We are enforcing Level-I (Yellow alert) of the Graded Response Action Plan. A detailed order on restrictions to be implemented will be released soon,” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said after a meeting with top officials.

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