Did You Know? These Japanese Grapes Can Cost Up To Rs. 30,000 Per Piece

When it comes to luxury food and beverages, there are options galore for Foodies. From caviar to truffle oil, there are plenty of ingredients that can make any dish a lavish, fine dining affair. We have seen in the recent past how dishes have been created using 24-karat gold plating; Biryani, ice cream, and even Vada Pav were made luxurious with the addition of this simple ingredient. And now, reports have surfaced which reveal a luxurious variety of grapes from Japan which costs a whopping Rs. 30,000 per piece.

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The Ruby Roman grape is a luxurious variety from Japan that is said to be the most expensive in the world. According to a report by Business Insider, it is said that the grape is almost four times bigger in size than the average grape. The colour of the expensive Ruby Roman grape is also very specific, and the growth conditions also make this fruit a tad sweeter than usual. It is said that only 25,000 bunches of the grape were up for sale in 2020.

The fact that the Ruby Roman grapes are so rare and minimally available contributes to their high price. As per reports, a bunch of these grapes was sold at an auction in 2020 for up to USD 12,000 or Rs. 8.8 lakhs. A single grape can thus cost anywhere between USD 90 – 450, depending upon its quality. There are several factors used to determine the quality and taste of these luxury grapes, each of which is carefully examined before being sold. The amount of light and the temperature must be properly controlled in the growth process of these juicy and luxurious grapes.

Twitter users reacted to the news of the luxury grapes. Take a look:

This is not the only expensive fruit that hails from the country of Japan. In the recent past, reports of the world’s most expensive mango variety had surfaced online. The ‘Miyazaki’ mangoes have a flaming red colour and can be sold for a whopping Rs. 2.7 lakh for a box of two mangoes. Click here to read more about it.

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