Government Unveils Digital Platform Of Civil Aviation Services



Government Unveils Digital Platform Of Civil Aviation Services

Government has created a digital single window system for various aviation sector services

Civil Aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Thursday unveiled a digital platform which would enable Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to provide all its services online.

The government has moved 298 services to the e-GCA (e governance in DGCA) platform like pilot licencing, medical examination and connecting regional offices to headquarters, the minister said on the occasion.

While a majority of the services rendered by DGCA have been moved to the digital platform, the remaining services will be shifted to it in the next phase, Mr Scindia said.

“Through this transformation to e-GCA, we have achieved a number of objectives of becoming a single window online service platform, eliminating procedural inefficiencies and automating regulatory reporting,” he noted.

On pilot licensing through the e-GCA platform, Mr Scindia said, “In India, we have close to 17,860 CPLs (commercial pilot licenses). Add to that, there are almost 1,500 helicopter pilot licenses. There are close to another 10,000 PPLs (private pilot licenses). So you are looking at a universe of almost 30,000 pilots.”

The medical examination of pilots used to be a time consuming process earlier as it needed assessing medical records and physically issuing reports to them. This process under the new system, will now be completed within a few days, the minister said.

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