Kia Renames UVO Connect To Kia Connect

Kia Connect Live Services offers a broad range of services that brings data together from multiple avenues.

Kia has rebranded its telematics and connected car suite to Kia Connect. Previously, it was called UVO connect. The Kia Connect platform includes connectivity features, high-end tech features like navigation, traffic prediction, and telematics and analytics. This will be rolled out first to Kia’s European cars. 

“By re-naming our on-board and app-based telematics system to Kia Connect, we are making it clear to customers that its features are there to provide a seamless connection between owner, vehicle, and environment. By taking advantage of Kia Connect’s comprehensive suite of technologies, customers can look forward to stress-free journeys like never before,” said Jason Jeong, President of Kia Europe and Kia Connect. 

There is an online navigation function that parses information from the cloud in real-time providing historical traffic data allowing the car to predict the traffic. Kia Connect Live Services is a broad range of services that brings data together from multiple avenues. So information from traffic providers, parking availability, parking costs, location, pricing at fuel stations or EV charging points, weather forecasts, online point of interest search, and speed camera location. 


Kia Connect was previously called UVO Connect

It also allows the user to remotely access the vehicle via the smartphone. Users can take look at trip data and stats around driving behaviour and the state of the vehicle. EV owners can check to charge status as well. Other features include the usual constellation of connected car features like remote activation of the climate control system, remote unlock and lock, and Bluetooth and infotainment preferences. 


There are also last mile navigation and valet parking modes functions that have already been prevalent in the UVO connect app. Kia connect also leverages augmented reality via services like Google Maps or even monitor where their chauffeur or valet has taken the car. The Kia Connect platform will be rolled out to the European vehicles and the new app will be released in the coming months on the Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for the iPhone. 

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