Manipur Boy Built ‘Iron Man’ Suit From Scrap. Anand Mahindra Is Awestruck



Manipur Boy Built 'Iron Man' Suit From Scrap. Anand Mahindra Is Awestruck

A video showed Prem, from Manipur, operating an armour attached to his hand.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra has a keen eye to spot talent. And he has also followed through on his promise. Days after he said that he would like to support a young man from Manipur, who built a spectacular replica of the Iron Man suit using scrap material without any formal training, Mr Mahindra’s team visited Prem and his family. Mr Mahindra said he was awestruck by Prem’s ambition and skills that, he added, flourished despite “his circumstances”. Top members of the Mahindra Group have been asked to mentor Mr Prem’s career and facilitate his and his siblings’ education.

“I am awestruck and inspired by Prem’s ambition & skills that have flowered despite — not because of— his circumstances. Many of us from privileged backgrounds never appreciated enough the resources we were given. But Prem uses scrap material & basic tools to shape his creations,” Mr Mahindra said in a tweet. He shared images of drawings that Mr Prem had made before starting to actually build the suit, suggesting meticulous planning by the young man.

He said Mahindra Group’s Chief Design Officer will mentor Mr Prem’s career and the head of Mahindra Foundation will ensure that Mr Prem and his siblings get a complete education. He shared a video that showed the young man operating an armour attached to his hand.

One of Mr Mahindra’s tweets also accompanied images of a team member visiting Mr Prem at his residence.

On September 20, Mr Mahindra had shared a video where the young man was wearing the suit built from electronic waste. It appears to be an exact replica of the suit Tony Stark wears in the Marvel movies – the headgear slides too. He built the body with cardboard and the armour with scraps. The suit is remote-controlled.

This video was forwarded to Mr Mahindra by actor Jaaved Jaaferi.

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