SEBI Lists Penalty On Non-Compliance By Commercial Papers Issuers



SEBI Lists Penalty On Non-Compliance By Commercial Papers Issuers

SEBI has listed penalty for non-compliance by commercial papers issuers

New Delhi:

Markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has issued guidelines for levying fines and taking action for non-compliance with continuous disclosure requirements by the issuers of listed non-convertible securities and commercial papers.

The notification will come into effect for the due dates of compliances falling on or after February 1, 2022.

The fines realised need to be credited to the Investor Protection Fund of the concerned stock exchange.

The fines will continue to accrue till the time of rectification of the non-compliance and to the satisfaction of the concerned recognised stock exchange.

“Such accrual shall be irrespective of any other disciplinary or enforcement actions initiated by recognised stock exchanges or SEBI,” it said.

The regulator has specified the fine amounts to be levied in case of violation of different provisions of “Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements” norms and the actions to be taken in case of non-compliance.

Stock exchanges can deviate, if necessary, but only after recording reasons in writing.

In case the non-compliant entity is listed on more than one stock exchange, the concerned exchanges shall take uniform action in consultation with each other.

The regulator said that every stock exchange will review the compliance status of the entities having listed their non-convertible securities and commercial paper and issue notices to the non-compliant entities within 30 days from the due date of the prescribed timeline.

Non-compliant entities have to ensure compliance with the requirements and pay fines within 15 days from the date of such notice.

In case entities fail to do so, exchanges will have to issue reminder notices and at the same time, send intimation to other exchanges where the non-convertible securities or commercial paper of the non-compliant entity are listed.

If the entity still fails to comply, the stock exchange and other entities allowed to act as electronic book provider (EBP), shall not allow issuance of any securities by such non-compliant entity on EBP Platform and also not allow further listing of non-convertible securities or commercial papers.

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