Watch: Tigers Attack Kitten In Hair-Raising Clip Shared By Dubai Princess



Watch: 3 Tigers Attack Kitten In Hair-Raising Video Shared By Dubai Princess

Three tigers pounced on a kitten that entered their enclosure in Dubai.

Sheikha Latifa, one of the daughters of the ruler of Dubai, has shared hair-raising footage of a kitten that somehow found its way into a tiger enclosure and was attacked by the big cats. CCTV footage shared by Latifa Rashed Al Maktoum on Instagram shows a white tiger dropping the unlucky kitten on the ground before two other tigers also surround it. The kitten was filmed putting up a brave fight but would have ultimately been unsuccessful in escaping, had it not been for two keepers who rushed in to rescue it. 

In the video, two people were seen rushing into the tiger enclosure to drive the big cats away from the terrified animal. 

Sheikha Latifa reportedly has a number of exotic pets. In her Instagram bio, she states that she is an “animal lover” and “most of the posts” on her account feature her pets.

Sharing the video of the kitten rescue, she wrote: “This little stray got into one of the tiger enclosures and was caught by the tigers.” She added that the “brave miracle kitten” was doing well after being rescued and “won’t be a little stray anymore.”

Other videos shared as part of the same post show that the kitten was grabbed by one of the white tigers. In her Instagram Stories, the Dubai princess shared an update on the kitten on Saturday, saying that it was being checked by the vet. 


Photo Credit: Instagram/latifaalmaktoum

The black and white kitten, although visibly scared, did not seem to have any external injuries. A video of the kitten being examined with clamping scissors, however, shows that it has lost some sensation in its tail. “They’re checking for pain response to see if the nerve was damaged,” Sheikha Latifa explained in the comments section. “And there was no pain response which unfortunately means it was damaged,” she added. 

On her Instagram account, Sheikha Latifa shares regular updates on her exotic pets, which include orangutans, lions, chimpanzees and several birds and horses. 

In January, she had shared the link to her YouTube channel Animalia. “The channel showcases the Sheikha’s incredible wildlife homed in her beachside sanctuary by the iconic Burj Al Arab,” its description says. 

Meanwhile, the kitten rescue video has earned a lot of love on social media. 

“Cats really do have 9 lives and I’m sure that kitten has the heart of a tiger now! Well done to the guys for getting in there quick and efficiently,” wrote one Instagram user in the comments section.

“Thanks for saving it,” said another. “Close encounter with the big cats! Timely intervention saved the kitten,” a user remarked. 

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